Take Action: campaign IN DEFENSE of PLACE & LIVELIHOOD

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WE BELIEVE in the right of every community and individual to have access to land and housing to ensure safe and secure living, and to be the main protagonist of the production and the management of habitat. For a society to fully function it depends upon involved and empowered communities – citizen groups, social movements, governments and businesses – sharing equally in its responsibilities and benefits. Unfortunately, today private interests and irresponsible governments seeking the accumulation of financial capital continuously strip away the rights and livelihood of the poor and underrepresented.

WE UPHOLD the dignity of every human being, especially women and children, and other vulnerable groups who increasingly bare the grunt of global neoliberalism. Everyone has right of access to land and housing. Our collective power to improve the lives of those most impacted by global problems can and does make a difference. Until a more just society exists we are here to stay.

WE WILL CONTINUE to FIGHT and BUILD a more sustainable model of society for an urban and rural life based on the principles of solidarity, freedom, equity and social justice

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  1. If the goal is non-violence, then let’s drop the “fight” part and just build a sustainable model of society.

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